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Kamoke (Urdu: كاموكى‎‎), is an important Town of District Gujranwala located in Punjab, Pakistan situated at 21-km away from Gujranwala and 44-km from away from Lahore.   Kamoke is very well connected to its higher order settlements as it is located on Main Railway Line and Grand Trunk Road.  It is also well connected to the surrounding Towns and Villages.  


Kamoke City was settled in Mughal era of “Akbar the Great”.  At the time of partition in 1947 Kamoke was a small settlement with less than 15000 populations.  Since that time the City is continuously growing in population. According to 1981 Census Kamoke is the largest Town of District Gujranwala and its population was 88182 and according to 1998 Census, the population of Urban Area Kamoke is 152246(approximately) and according to latest census conducted in 2017, the population of Kamoke City is 230000. 


There is a total area of 1254 Acres within the Municpal Committee limits and in addition about 391 Acres covered by various uses are located outside the Municipal Boundaries.  The City is the Capital of Kamoke which was notified as Municipal Committee in 1956 and in 1988 Kamoke was notified as Tehsil and it was announced as Tehsil Headquarters in the duration of MPA Ch. Abdul Wakeel Khan in 1992. Moreover in 2001, Municipal Committee Kamoke was notified as Tehsil Municipal Administration consisting of 24-Nos. Union Council(16-Nos. Rural & 08-Nos. Urban) and T.M.A. Kamoke was again converted into Municipal Committee w.e.f. 01-01-2017 which is an administrative subdivision of the District and the City is itself subdivided into 36 Urban Wards.

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