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Mucicipal Commitee Kamoke

Kamoki, being located in the Gujranwala District of Punjab, Pakistan, is part of an industrially vibrant region. The industrial landscape of Kamoki is diverse and contributes significantly to the local economy. Here are some details about the industries in Kamoki and the broader Gujranwala area:

The textile industry is one of the leading sectors in Gujranwala District, including Kamoki. This industry encompasses spinning mills, weaving units, dyeing and printing facilities, and garment manufacturing. Kamoki is known for its production of textiles such as yarn, fabric, and garments, which are exported to various international markets

Kamoki, has a strong presence of metalworking and engineering industries. These industries produce a wide range of products, including agricultural machinery, automotive parts, household appliances, and industrial equipment. The district is known for its skilled workforce and manufacturing capabilities in this sector.

The plastic and packaging industry has seen significant growth in Gujranwala District. This sector includes the production of plastic products, packaging materials, and disposable items. Kamoki is home to several plastic manufacturing units that cater to local and export markets.

The leather industry is another important sector in Gujranwala District, with Kamoki playing a significant role. The district has a substantial presence of leather tanneries and leather goods manufacturing units. Products such as shoes, bags, belts, and other leather accessories are manufactured in Kamoki for both domestic and international markets

Given its agricultural background, Gujranwala District has several agro-based industries. These include rice processing mills, flour mills, sugar mills, and food processing units. These industries add value to agricultural produce and contribute to the district's economy.

Gujranwala District, including Kamoki, is known for its vibrant SME sector. Small and medium-sized enterprises are engaged in various industries such as handicrafts, ceramics, furniture, and electronics. These enterprises play a vital role in providing employment opportunities and fostering entrepreneurship in the region. Overall, the industrial sector in Kamoki and the broader Gujranwala District is diverse and dynamic, contributing significantly to economic growth and development. The district's strategic location, skilled workforce, and entrepreneurial spirit have facilitated the growth of industries across various sectors. .

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